What Michelle Obama Wants for Christmas Will Make You Sick


December 16, 2014 1:50pm PST

As the Obama family prepares to embark on a lavish 17-day Hawaiian vacation, their usual out-of-touch attitudes are on full display. According to MailOnline, during their year-end trips to the Hawaiian islands, the Obamas typically lounge around their rental home, venturing out only on occasion for shaved ice and dinner with their friends. Must be nice.

On Monday, the First Lady revealed what she is most looking forward to doing while on vacation. “I don’t really have a long wish list for Christmas, because I pretty much have everything I need,” said Michelle. “I just want everybody to be happy, and I want to sleep in. That’s what I want for Christmas. I want to sleep late. Maybe I’ll get that.”

This will mark the Obama family’s seventh annual Christmas vacation to Hawaii. Previous years, American tax-payers spent as much as $7 million to fund the First Family’s getaway. Steep price tag all so Michelle can sleep in.

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