This Country Just Put Michelle Obama to Shame


December 9, 2014 2:21pm PST

As Michelle Obama’s failed school lunch program produces more waste and unsatisfied customers than a county dump run by Lois Lerner, the French are laughing their derrières off.

France doesn’t have the problem with childhood obesity that plagues America, despite their school lunch programs being completely devoid of an overbearing government and a Mom-in-Chief who fancies herself a health nut. Imagine that.

French children do not suffer from weight problems, obesity, diabetes and hypertension like their American counterparts, because they eat moderate quantities of fresh and freshly prepared food. They also get ample amounts of exercise, in the form of three recess periods per day. Two of the recesses last 15 minutes, while another lasts an entire hour. Many French children also walk or bike to school.

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A typical meal: Fresh cucumber and tomato salad, veal with mushrooms and broccoli, and an apple tart for dessert.

Lunches for French students are prepared by a chef in a kitchen you would find typical of a high-end American restaurant. Menus are prepared two months in advance and then approved by a dietician, who might make small changes to keep the balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in check. The food is cooked fresh daily, not frozen and then reheated.


Fresh bread, a staple of French meals, is delivered daily from a local bakery.

“All our fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are sourced locally, some of them from local farms,” explained Dany Cahuzac, a French city counselor. “We do our best to vary our menus throughout the weeks and months, but sometimes children don’t like certain foods. We ask children to at least taste everything and have a few bites before they give up on a food they don’t like.”

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French cafeteria kitchens appear gourmet by American standards. They are equipped to prepare fresh meals, not just heat up frozen foods.

Not only are French school kids fed heathy, satisfying lunches, they sit at pre-set tables of four, with little silver bread baskets and cloth napkins. Meanwhile, over in Obama’s America, children are piled into cafeterias like cattle and forced to eat disgusting slop in tiny portions. “Eating a balanced meal while sitting down calmly is important in the development of a healthy child,” said Cahuzac. “It helps them to digest food properly, avoid stomachaches and avoid sapped energy levels in the afternoon.”


The student seated in the red chair is the one designated to refill the water pitcher and bread basket, if necessary. 

It doesn’t take a genius to discern that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise account for why French children aren’t as fat as American children, no thanks to Michelle Obama. This isn’t rocket science. Do you think Moochelle will take a hint from those who have a proven method that produces favorable results? My guess is she’ll ignore the logic and continue her fruitless assault on American cafeterias everywhere. What do you think?

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