Man’s “Racist” Sign Causes Ferguson Race Rioters to Lose Their Nut


December 1, 2014 10:34am PST

One American patriot has an epic response to the incessant Ferguson race rioters – one they don’t like very much. On the rear window of his vehicle, he displayed a sign, which reads, “Ferguson! Put Your Hands Down & Go To Work!” As you can imagine, the usual liberal outrage followed the image going viral on social media. Take a look at what has the Ferguson race rioters with their collective panties all in a bunch:


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It’s unknown where this picture was taken, but the vehicle’s owner makes an excellent point. Don’t these people have jobs? I guess not. They must be the welfare leeches our hard-earned tax dollars are supporting. Wait a minute … We’re paying for ignorant race-baiters to loot businesses, torch police cars and fling Molotov cocktails?!?! Thanks, Obama.

H/T: Wounded American Warrior


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