The End Of The Age Of Obama, According to Cornel West


November 29, 2014 5:46pm PST

From hope to despair, Cornel West has harsh criticisms of Obama’s presidency. Blaming Ferguson and the “Jim Crow criminal justice system” that does not deliver justice for “black and brown people” West seems to feel Obama has not been true to his race while in office. Stating his belief that both a race war and class war still exist in this country, he believes Obama has not done enough for minorities.

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Dr. West finds it sad that so many blacks are in positions of power, yet no prosecutions of policemen who have killed black youths have been brought to fruition in nearly 6 years. “Wall Street executives go free, drone droppers go free…those who kill our precious children go free”. He claimed that only 1 in 11,000 cases like that in Ferguson fail to return an indictment. He sites no source.

The CNN correspondent mentioned the tears in Europe upon Obama’s election that signaled some sort of “new age”; that the U.S. would be some sort of role model for the rest of the world. She defended the POTUS stating he has spoken of his own difficult youth as a black man and that he has launched initiatives for black men.

Cornel mentions that poor and working class people should be at the center of policy. He states that Obama has chosen Wall Street over main street and made vague references to drones and massive surveillance. His “truth” also points out that Obama hasn’t given a single speech signifying that the “era of police impunity is over”. He felt that “especially black and brown and poor” people need to hear from the president.

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While many will find fault with Dr. West’s arguments, there are remarkable points of agreement between Conservatives and this unlikely Obama critic. Conservatives hoped at the beginning of this presidency that the racial divide would lessen due to a black man being the Commander in Chief. All Americans must realize that the economy has not improved under this President, and that the hardest hit segment of the population has been black males. With a black attorney general and head of homeland security, many hoped there would be an end to perceived injustice based on race. While the premises for the parallel opinions may be different, and Conservatives certainly do not believe we are still in a “Jim Crow” segregated state, the conclusions of Dr. West and Conservatives are remarkably similar: Obama’s Presidency has been a failure.

H/T: Mediaite

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