BREAKING: New DNA Evidence In Michael Brown Shooting Revealed


November 28, 2014 10:41am PST

When the grand jury made their decision in the Michael Brown case on Monday, they also released the numerous pieces of evidence they used to make their decision.

Buried in the report are numerous DNA samples taken at the scene of the shooting from inside Officer Darren Wilson’s police vehicle.

A sample taken from the “interior left door handle” was “consistent with being a mixture of two or more individuals.”

“This profile can be separated into a major male contributor profile and one or more minor contributors,” said the DNA analysis. “Michael Brown is the source of the major male contributor profile. Due to the limited genetic information available from the minor component the presence or absence of P.O. Wilson cannot be determined.”

This supports Darren Wilson’s account of their struggle, which was, “When he shut the door the second time he put his hands on the windowsill and shut the door and then approached the door with his body against it and he was a heavier set taller subject enough to where he had to duck his head to come into my vehicle and he entered my vehicle with his hands, arms, and his head, assaulting me.”

With this evidence in play, it is very clear that the grand jury made the right decision in not indicting Darren Wilson.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune


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