Angry Mob Of Muslims Attacks Cops With Explosives, Then This Happens


November 10, 2014 12:48pm PST

Europe is currently in crisis as hundreds of thousands of Muslims flock there to flee the Middle East. As a result, many Europeans are suddenly finding themselves the minority in their own countries as Muslim gangs take over.

This clip shot over the weekend shows a gang of angry Muslims attack police with explosives in the streets of London.

The mob uses fireworks as well as other explosives to push police back and show that they are in complete control. It is clear from the video that the explosives are much more advanced than the average pipe bomb.

The incident was largely ignored by the mainstream media, who is of course trying to be as PC as possible. However, if this video doesn’t start to circulate more, these Muslim gangs will only continue to use the explosives to cause chaos.

While no one was killed in this incident, next time we might not be so lucky…

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H/T: Conservative Tribune


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