Thugs Break In, Strip Family Naked Then THIS Happens


November 8, 2014 3:54pm PST

“4, 3, 2…” said the armed robber. “It’s the police!” is heard from just outside. The terrified family the intruders had stripped naked was certain they were about to lose their lives when heroes announced their arrival.

Family members had been pistol whipped and hit over the head with a liquor bottle prior to the arrival of the police. Suspects in this case fled, hid, and even jumped out a window. Two are currently in custody, but authorities are still looking for  at least one other individual connected with this vicious attack.

Dale Lewis reports, “…there weren’t going to be …survivors.” This family reports being genuinely terrified and expecting to die. These criminals were apparently seeking something that wasn’t even in the house. Lewis and other family members credit the police with saving their collective lives. Finally, a report about the police arriving in the nick of time.

H/T: The Blaze

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