Michelle Obama Gives Black Voters “Full Permission” to Eat Fried Chicken


November 4, 2014 9:08am PST

The Campaigner-in-Chief has been hard at work leading up to election day. She joined Roland Martin Monday on News One for Black America to discuss how important it is for the black community to vote on Tuesday, and vote Democrat. As you can hear in the recording above, Michelle Obama is completely desperate for votes at this point. She said:

“…the midterm elections are so important to a president’s ability to move his agenda because essentially if you think about it, midterm elections are when the country gets to determine the nature and the composition of the team that the President has to work with and that is Congress, the governors throughout the states. This is essentially the President’s team and what his team looks like will determine how successful he will be on passing his agenda.”

In all actuality, Obama has no problem getting his way regardless of his “team.” He’s got a pen and paper for that. However, Michelle was right about something: if the Republicans take the Senate, Obama will have a wrench thrown in his tyrannical agenda.

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Michelle also credited her husband’s “team” with passing the Affordable Care Act, which is correct as well. Not a single Republican voted on what has arguably been the most hazardous piece of legislation in American history. Didn’t get to keep your doctor? Thank a Democrat!

At the tail end of her interview, the First Lady dropped a bombshell which would have spelled political suicide had it been uttered from the lips of Laura Bush. In her best authoritative mom voice, Michelle generously gave black voters permission to eat some “soul food” – but only if they vote. She said:

“I give everyone full permission to eat some fried chicken after they vote… but I think that a victory for Democrats on Tuesday, you know, should be rewarded with some fried chicken.”

Apparently, stereotypes aren’t racist as long as a black people are the ones using them. Unbelievable. Tell us what you think of Michelle Obama’s comments below.

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