What Joan Rivers Said About This Got Her Banned From Fox


October 31, 2014 12:31pm PST

Before Joan Rivers’ untimely death in September, she was known for pushing people’s buttons, and that’s certainly what she did to Fox News a few years ago when she made controversial comments about Sarah Palin.

This clip shows Joan’s appearance on The Joy Behar Show, which was filmed just after the comedienne was banned from Fox & Friends for saying something rude about Palin.

The only problem is, Joan can’t even remember what she said.

With her daughter Melissa’s help, Joan is able to remember that she said something about Palin being stupid. Watch as Joan reveals that she used to be a Palin supporter, and lets Fox know that they need to lighten up.

C’mon, Fox, how could you ban Joan Rivers?!

What do you think? Did Joan deserve to be banned for her comments, or did Fox go too far? Sound off in the comments below!


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