Laura Bush Schools Obama for Whining That Michelle Doesn’t Get Paid


October 30, 2014 5:56pm PST

At a campaign event for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, Obama harped on one of his party’s favorite topics: equal pay. “I tell you, when Michelle was working, I wanted to make sure she was getting paid,” said the President. “And by the way, I mean I should point out, she is working really hard right now as First Lady and doesn’t get paid. But that’s a whole ‘nother thing.”

As the Conservative Tribune points out: Apparently, the president doesn’t consider room and board, free transportation, a personal chef, and luxury vacations that most Americans could never afford to be “payment.”

Former First Lady Laura Bush holds a contradictory view to that of the Obamas. Earlier this year, she was asked by C-SPAN if she thought being married to the President should warrant a salary. She responded:

“I don’t think so. There are plenty of perks, believe me. A chef, that was really great, I miss the chef. You know, I don’t think so. No, I don’t think so. And I think the interesting question, really, is not should they receive a salary, but should they be able to work for a salary at their job that they might have already had.”

Laura Bush has more class in her little finger than Moochelle does in her entire body. If you agree, sound off in the comments section!

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