Battle Fatigue Leaves Residents Unaffected By Headless Corpses


October 25, 2014 2:05pm PST

It is difficult to imagine a world where one would be faced with decaying bodies in the streets or heads impaled along fences….at least in most places in the 21st century. Such practices like crucifixion, public beheading, and other public, torturous murder methods have been all but eradicated in most Western/civilized countries. In towns controlled by ISIS, however, these barbaric practices are all too common and this video seems to indicate that many Muslims are unaffected by it.

beheaded bodies

Shot in July in Raqqa, Syria, this video shows numerous Syrian soldiers lying in the street with their heads on the fence behind them. Other bodies are tied to the fence in various states of shameful undress and headless. Women and children can be seen walking by while “preachers” recruit and encourage children to join the state.

Tied to fence

Since February ISIS Militants have imposed full Islamic dress on all women at all times and made the sale, purchase, and use of cigarettes illegal. Playing music has been outlawed and religious freedom no longer exists. A return to the 7th Century has been all but completed in this home of archaeological treasures that was once a thriving tourist town.

Terrorists in charge have lead to residents becoming numb or calloused or hopeless. There is something dehumanizing about the prevalent and incessant death and destruction that has become part of life in Raqqa. Recent airstrikes do seem to be having an impact on ISIS forces. One can only hope the residents of Syria can have their country returned to them before it is completely destroyed.

H/T: Daily Mail

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