Mom In Chief Strikes Again, This Time Mixing Politics And Dating Advice


October 9, 2014 4:49am PST

In calling Michelle Obama a “tranny”, the late, great Joan Rivers may have gone a little too far, but Michelle definitely gives lousy dating advice. At a rally for Scott Walker’s opponent in the race for Wisconsin Governor, Mrs. Obama encouraged college students to take their “crush” along to vote….”they’ll be impressed.”

Perhaps courting, dating, and even hooking up aren’t what they used to be, but dating the vote seems a little extreme. Even for liberals in the last two, thank God, lame duck years of Obama’s presidency, this is a strange way to drum up support. Democrats seem to genuinely feel pressured about the November elections where so many races, and even the senate majority, are up for grabs.

Either way, Michelle Obama proved once again that she is simply ridiculous as a public speaker. Being “passionate enough and organized enough” as she stated in her Madison address notwithstanding, she and her husband should focus a bit more on being competent enough. That would serve the country well.

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H/T: Western Journalism



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