Michelle Obama Suggests Malia, Sasha For THIS Dangerous Job


October 7, 2014 2:52pm PST

Michelle Obama met with five female veterans for the November issue of Redbook Magazine, which hits news stands next week. Her 2011 initiative, Joining Forces, aims to create job opportunities for military veterans and their families, and the female vets Obama met with are all currently struggling to find employment. Apparently, this initiative has been just as much of a flop as her “healthy” school lunches.

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In an exclusive interview, the First Lady revealed that she would be “honored” if her daughters enlisted. “I would support them in whatever they chose to do and [I’d] be honored to be a proud Blue Star mom,” said Obama.

Michelle told the magazine:

“I want to continue to lift up these stories so that the country doesn’t forget. We believe that efforts of Joining Forces should last far beyond this administration; that, you know the spotlight we put on these families, these issues and our service members should be something that we do forever and across party lines.”

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Perhaps if Michelle Obama is so intent on creating jobs for veterans and their families, she should put someone else in charge of her initiative. Everything she touches seems to culminate in colossal failure.

Do you think there is a snow ball’s chance in Hell that Michelle would ever let her little princesses enlist in the military, or is she lying through her teeth? Give us your take in the comments section!

H/T: The Hill


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