These Two Country Singers Have an Epic Message for “Terrorist Cowards”


October 7, 2014 12:36pm PST

Old-timer Larry Gatlin is enraged with the Islamic State for their brutal beheadings and persecution of innocent Christians throughout the world. So, the veteran country singer did what any good ol’ boy would do; he called up a good friend, sat down with his six string, and the pair wrote an epic tune to convey a timeless message to the terrorists of the world.

This song, written by Gatlin and fellow musician Billy Dean, is called “An American with a Remington.” It professes a truth which should strike fear into the hearts of ISIS militants; namely, that Americans will fight until our last breaths against radical Islam. “Like Johnny Cash told me one time, he said, ‘Pilgrim, when something makes you mad enough, you’re d–n sure to write a song about it.’ So me and Billy wrote one,” Gatlin explains at the beginning of the clip.

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Gatlin told the media what moved him to write the powerful song:

“It really pi–ed us off. Folks are stirred up about this stuff, and they should be. These gutless, worthless terrorist cowards are attacking innocent people, and we as a nation won’t stand for it. We’re pi–ed off, and we hope this song delivers a message to the bad guys.”

Dean was overwhelmed with the response the video has already received. He commented:

“The feedback we have gotten from this song has been overwhelming, and with good reason. It has reached over five million people on Facebook in just a few hours, which tells us something about the temperature of the situation. People are mad as hell, and there’s an army of Americans who know how to use a gun and who respect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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H/T: Conservative Tribune


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