Bob Beckel Goes Insane, Gets Bleeped On Rant About Obama


October 2, 2014 5:12am PST

“Intentionally less safe…” Those seem to be the words that tripped the trigger of the lone liberal on Fox News’ “The Five” this week. While quoting a former agent, the co-hosts agreed with the assessment of the individual in question and Beckel lost it. He flew into a rant that forced Fox News to mute him for about 7 seconds. Beckel’s rage, not withstanding, can best be described as fanatical frustration over a President who, touted as the second coming, has been a complete failure. Let’s check the record, shall we?

1-Economy: Fewer Americans in the workforce, more citizens on food stamps and disability, and an economy in decline due to Obama’s policies. An intentionally weakened economy makes us less safe.

2-Energy: Blocking the Keystone pipeline has created further dependence on foreign oil. Intentional reliance on nations who think we are infidels makes us less safe.

3-Debt: Obama himself called President Bush (43) “unpatriotic” for increasing the national debt. Said debt is up $7 trillion since Obama’s election. Intentionally increasing national debt makes us less safe.

4-Fast and Furious: While he cannot take 100% of the blame on this one, Obama’s justice department did authorize the expansion of this campaign to let guns go into Mexico to be “tracked” resulting in the death of at least one border agent. Intentionally arming Mexican cartels makes us less safe.

5-Race: From Trayvon Martin to the Beer Summit to Ferguson Missouri, Obama has done nothing to improve racial matters in this country. He has failed to address record “black on black” murder in his own city of Chicago where, despite some of the strictest gun laws in the country, murder rates continue to soar. Intentionally stirring up racial tension and ignoring legitimate crime in our cities makes us less safe.

Obamacare, Iran’s nuclear program, Putin, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Libya, China and not securing our borders all represent “intentional” acts or failures to act for this President that make us less safe. This says nothing of our damaged relationships with our strongest allies, Great Britain and Israel. In the specific instance referenced by “The Five”, President Obama’s intentions may be unclear, but the rest of his record speaks for itself. Perhaps political correctness does not specifially and intentionally make us less safe, but Obama’s undermining of truth, justice, and the American way at every turn has and it is intentional. Remember the “phone” and “pen” he is so eager to use to destroy the Constitution? Beckel just can’t defend him. He is, therefore, losing his mind.


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