Obama Disses Disabled Veterans


September 18, 2014 12:03pm PST

A dedication ceremony for a memorial to veterans who have become disabled fighting for our country is being planned for October. It is sure to be a prestigious and patriotic event, but guess who will not be in attendance. One, Barack Obama.

A source close to the preparations for the dedication ceremony has revealed that Obama has declined an invitation to attend. It would have been among the few national memorials to be accepted by a sitting U.S. President in recent history. “It’s disappointing that the president is unable to celebrate the dedication of this historic memorial with the heroes that it honors—our nation’s disabled veterans,” said the source.

Organizers for the event were caught off guard by the President’s decision and have not yet received a response as to why he declined the invitation.

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The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, the first such memorial of its kind, is set to be dedicated on Oct. 5 near the National Mall in downtown Washington, D.C. We will be following the President’s moves closely leading up to the event, and we will be sure to let you know exactly what he found more important than our country’s disabled veterans.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

U.S. presidents have historically been on hand during dedication ceremonies for major memorials in D.C., including the Air Force memorial, the World War II memorial, the Vietnam War memorial, the Korean War memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which Obama attended and spoke at.

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is currently scheduled to attend the ceremony, as is Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald.

The AVDLM memorial, construction of which recently finished, will honor the millions of disabled U.S. veterans who have fought in wars over the decades, including those with physical and mental injuries.

The idea for the memorial originated in 1998 and led to the formation of the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation, which first approached Congress to initiate the lengthy authorization process before beginning to raise funds for the memorial.

It now stands completed on a 2.4-acre sight near the National Mall, just south of the U.S. Botanic Garden.

Such a memorial is a national treasure and a huge accomplishment. It’s not as if these things are erected every week. You would think Obama could pencil in the dedication ceremony for the AVDLM in between his rounds of golf and luxury vacations.

Do you think Obama has a good excuse for turning his back on American veterans? Would any excuse really be acceptable? Sound off in the comments section!

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