See What Hypocritical Michelle Fills White House Vending Machines With


September 16, 2014 12:36pm PST

The Obama’s have made it abundantly clear that the rules apply, which they’re willing to enforce, to everyone but themselves. As things like tax payer money is being abused to pay for things that others cannot afford during the time of a recession, yet another hypocrisy of the Obama’s has come to light.

We’ve seen Michelle Obama, as well as her daughters, sucking down things like meatball subs as well as a variety of other foods despite the mandating of school lunches that have left countless students miserable and unsatisfied. As it turns out however, it appears that the White House has vending machines stocked full of junk food just waiting for the next person with enough money.


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On account of Michelle Obama trying to starve healthy kids in effort to generally shrink down the more obese ones, she’s dwindled down school lunches to almost nothing, and has now began raiding vending machines in schools. Although they once contained chips, cookies and candy, they now house healthier snacks.


Some have adapted to the new rules however.


As kids continue to suffer on account of yet another failed Obama legacy, why do you think they insist on such hypocrisy? Is it that they just can’t see it, or that they just don’t care? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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