Techie Notices Odd Fact About Obama’s Birth Certificate That Could Change Everything


September 16, 2014 7:47am PST

Despite Obama having mocked, in the past, those that believe his birth certificate to be a forgery, he may be just about ready to eat his words. In a video released over the internet, new facts have come to light about the image posted to the White House website, purported to be Obama’s birth certificate, has within it a few shocking details.

Mr. Conservative has previously reported that hidden within the document, is a series of a layers proving it’s not just a simple scan. Had it been, the image would have consisted of a single layer where even one anti-birther was shocked to discover this reality when trying to debunk the theory.

So, as it has been discovered that the image was actually created and placed together rather simply scanned in, a few technologically prone folks decided to pry a little deeper into the mystery that surround the alleged certificate.

The first of which was a man who goes by the name of John Woodman. In a video released, he shows that after zooming in on the certificate, a few things pop out that really don’t make any sense. The first of which being that some of the letters are solid – what they should like had they been scanned – while others are pixilated – indicating that they’d been added to the document via computer.

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Next Woodman points out that the letters, upon closer inspection aren’t uniform. Anyone who’s used a typewriter knows that letters and spacing are extremely specific when it comes to typewriters. Seeing that they’re not all the same, it’s safe to say the document wasn’t created during the time in which it was alleged.

Lastly, another techie noticed something a bit more when investigating each individual layer as he stumbled across something truly shocking. One layer or wording that read “none,” seems to have been rotated in document – this signifies definitive human interaction.

Had someone scanned the document into a program that separates layers on its own, which some have speculated, this shows that someone was responsible for the document’s creation. By showing that an independent aspect of the document had been placed into the certificate sideways and had to be rotated, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the file was a manmade creation rather than a scan.

Take a peek at the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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