Loudmouth Freeloader Turns Courtroom Into A Zoo, Gets Taken Down


September 14, 2014 8:52am PST

This video shows an entitled, freeloading woman start screaming in the middle of a courtroom and then get exactly what’s coming to her!

Though it is unclear what the case being tried is about, the welfare queen clearly does not like the Judge’s ruling. Skip to 3:30 in this Liveleak video to see the woman start screaming hysterically and attempt to attack the Judge.

The Judge flees the room as police take the loudmouth defendant down just before she can reach him. However, this woman isn’t done yet! The entitled banshee turns her attention to police, who she believes are treating her unfairly.

“Stop screaming at me, I’m a woman!” the freeloader barks at the cops, even though she herself has been screaming for the last five minutes.

Eventually, the woman is subdued by police and taken back to jail where she belongs!


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