WH Refutes Claims Steven Sotloff Was “Sold” To ISIS


September 10, 2014 8:10am PST

The investigation into the death of journalist Steven Sotloff has been a messy one, as contradicting claims are circulating from his family and the White House. In a Monday night interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, spokesperson for the Sotloff family, Barak Barfi, revealed that ‘sources on the ground’ had informed the Sotloffs that Steven had been sold to ISIS by Syrian rebels for as much as $50,000.



This is not an outlandish theory, as Americans have been captured and sold in the past for high dollar amounts. Rebel groups are always cash-strapped and the Islamic State is well aware that they can make the most money off of Americans when it comes to putting a bounty on a foreigner’s head. This creates a horrific scenario for Americans and Europeans working in the Middle East. They may be captured by rebels who need money, then sold to ISIS, the wealthiest terrorist organization in the world, for tens of thousands of dollars. ISIS, in turn, demands hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, from the hostage’s country in exchange for their life. This is the cruel reality in the Middle East.

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Journalists who are brave enough to cover the news from a war zone are constantly aware of the threat of being captured and sold to brutal war lords. In just the past month, we have seen ISIS behead two American journalists and post their gruesome deaths online. Not since the brutal ethnic cleansing at the hands of Hitler have we seen such disgusting tactics used by a group in conflict.

On Tuesday, the White House denied claims that Steven Sotloff was sold to ISIS. Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters during his daily briefing:

“Based on the information that has been provided to me, I don’t believe that is accurate.  That information does not match the information that I’m currently aware of.”


The Obama Administration has not been transparent by any standards, and they may have motives to cover up the information that Steven Sotloff was sold, if such is the case. If Obama is responsible for assisting rebels who sold Sotloff to ISIS, he could have another major scandal on his hands. We already know that the President has aided enemies in the past; putting weapons in the hands of terrorists who have turned around and killed Americans. The idea that Obama might have helped rebels who were ultimately responsible for Steven Sotloff’s death is not outlandish.

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What events do you think transpired leading up to Steven Sotloff’s tragic death? Do you think Obama could be responsible? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: MailOnline


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