U.S. General Confirms Obama Censoring Top Generals


September 3, 2014 12:11pm PST

Obama has shown, time and time again, that anyone who gets in the way of his personal or political agenda will be completely and utterly destroyed. As many have learned to keep their mouths shut and follow orders for the security of their positions, one U.S. General has come forward to confirm that many Generals have personally been censored by Obama.

The shocking admission came about during a Fox News interview where Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin explained the severe, and clearly catastrophic, lack of communication currently present between Obama’s administration and the Pentagon. Speaking specifically about ISIS, Boykin relayed that not only is there a disconnect in communication between the entities, but Obama has personally taken it upon himself to dissallow top U.S. Generals from telling the whole story.

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Further describing the arguably unconstitutional hamstringing, Boykin noted, “Well, don’t think there’s any question that the Pentagon is at odds with the administration at this point. Look, when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs makes a statement on Thursday and then backtracks on Sunday from what he said, it’s a clear indication that he’s been given some instructions from the White House to modify what he said.”

Taking one last jab at Obama’s incompetence and reluctance to act against the religion of Islam, he stated, “There is a rift between the two. The military wants to take care of this problem. The military sees it as being a situation in which there is, in fact, some military solution to this.”

Although the first journalist who unfortunately lost his life wasn’t able to deter Obama from his leisurely activites, as he was seen just moments after addressing the nation participating in a golf-course fist bump, but the second seems to have at least pressured him a bit more. Currently its unclear if Obama is acting out of moral obligation or merely the inconvenient public pressure, he has recently stated that America will begin to “degrade and destroy” ISIS as a whole.


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