Mike Brown “Witness” Coached By Black Panthers


September 2, 2014 1:49pm PST

As the autopsy has come to show the inaccurate depiction drawn by about 4 “witnesses” to the Mike Brown shooting, several other discrepancies are becoming increasingly clearer as more time goes on. Despite it becoming know that Brown wasn’t shot in the back as previously described, one report goes to suggest that all these witnesses were actually coached by the black panthers.

According to gotnews, Piaget Crenshaw was one of the first witnesses to come forward and be interviewed by several mainstream media outlets. Although it wasn’t discovered until much later, it appears as though a secondary video (shown above) that hit the web starring Crenshaw was recorded by none other than, “Dacia Polk, chairwoman of the St. Louis Black Panthers” – what a coincidence.


Polk has had her fair share of run ins with the law as she was arrested earlier this year for biting and kicking officers. Trying to raise money for her own legal fees, she was also responsible for trying to dub the Mike Brown case “the next Trayvon Martin” in a blatant attempt to entice racial tension. She also happens to be friends with Crenshaw on Facebook.

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From there, various statements from Crenshaw seem to dictate that she had been coached or at least outline an outside influence on her eyewitness account. By adamantly declaring the shooting a “murder,” and by using terms such as “allegedly,” you can see why these claims are gaining traction.

“He had his arms up and when someone has their arms up and you shoot them, that’s murder.”

Furthermore, Crenshaw kept referring to an outside party only referring to them as “they” and “other people,” without saying who they were or where she was getting her facts from. Shockingly however, this narrative wasn’t solely given by Crenshaw but a handful of other “witnesses” as well.


Take a peek at this video:

As previously noted, the autopsy has since made clear that Brown was not shot in the back. If this is the case, then how did not just one, but four separate people give the same exact story? Only a coordinated effort could yield such results.

More facts came out to only further destroy the credibility of these witnesses in which mainstream media outlets, such as CNN, failed to vet. Despite Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, initially saying that Brown lived a life of peace and never hurt anyone, just days later it came out that he had committed a strong armed robbery minutes before his death.

Even Crenshaw’s credibility was destroyed as a past Facebook post exposed her as a liar and a cheat. Take a peek at that below:


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Lastly, after her initial interview, Crenshaw’s account changed on the matter (perhaps from even more outside influence?) saying that brown’s hands weren’t raised at the time of his shooting. See that here at the 2:10 mark:

Quite a different narrative than the one she originally gave here:

It’s been made clear that in the Mike Brown case, just as in the Trayvon Martin case that race baiters had a heavy hand in how the entire ordeal played out. Along with the main stream media only reporting the news relevant to their narrative, would it be that far of a fetch to assume that the Black Panthers jumped on the opportunity as well?


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