Liberal CNN Panel In A Huffy Over “Pull Your Damn Pants Up” Challenge


September 1, 2014 7:07am PST

As exponential awareness was brought to the seldom heard ALS condition (Lou Gehrig’s disease), others have picked up on the “challenge” trend to raise similar awareness regarding other concerns. After the release of what is being called the “pull up your damn pants” challenge, Liberals have been in a huffy over the matter calling it unrelated and, you guessed it, racist.

For those unaware, the “pull your damn pants up” challenge was created by a black man in an effort to urge younger black men to hold themselves to a higher standard. The challenge goes to suggest that the best way to not be targeted by police, is to make sure you don’t look and dress like those who generally catch the eye of police.

After delving into the matter, CNN contributor Mar Lamont Hill relayed, “It suggests that somehow there’s a connection between black male profiling and our pants being sagging. Before black people pulled their pants down, they were still being locked up…If we continue to tell young black men that they can behave or dress or otherwise demonstrate their way out of police oppression or police abuse, then we’re blaming the victim.”

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The Blaze’s Tara Setmayer however disagreed saying, “I find it hard to believe that Marc would be as educated as he is and as much as he has contributed to the black community and trying to overcome the negativity that’s in the community that he would actually sit here and try to justify emulating bad behavior.”

While sharing a more personal matter, Lamont Hill shot back saying, “I’m nearly 36-years-old, so no, my pants aren’t sagging. At 16 they were and I think I turned out okay. I still got an Ivy League PH.D.”

The question here is; is it racist to create a challenge that targets black youths, or are police already in those kinds of neighborhoods for a reason?


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