Dear Michelle: You Have Your Own Kids, So Step Off Of Ours


August 30, 2014 11:28pm PST

Dear Michelle Obama,

You have spent the last few years sitting pretty in the White House, gallivanting around the globe on costly vacations and implementing bogus nutrition reform that nobody – including your own family – can stand. Your husband, who could have by all accounts been revered at the first black President of the United States, will instead be known as the most epic failure of a Commander In Chief in the history of our great nation. Chew on that for a minute.

When you return from vacation, take a spin through the news. You may find a nice article on the latest atrocities committed at the hands of terrorists who your husband has aided and abetted. As you sit in your plush office, drinking tea and noshing on kale chips, know that the rest of us hard-working Americans don’t have it so easy. Know that lives are being lost around the world because of your husband’s failed leadership.

The nice thing about being the First Lady of the United States is that you can make a real difference in the lives of Americans without tackling any tough or controversial issues. Laura Bush was very in tune with this notion, and so she made reading her agenda. Now, she did not tell children what to read, how to read, what time of day to read, as a liberal the likes of you might have done. She simply encouraged children to read. Great idea. No one could argue with that.

If you want to make healthy eating your agenda, fine. Do it. But don’t control every particle of food that reaches the lips of America’s youth. Inform children on making healthy choices. You don’t have the authority to make those choices for them. You have your own kids to deal with, so step off of ours.


A mother who’s had enough of your BS



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