Malia Obama Dines Out, Makes Friend Pick Up The Tab


August 29, 2014 3:25pm PST

President Obama and his control freak of a wife like to keep the lives of their girls under wraps, so we don’t know all that much about Malia and Sasha, except that they’ve been on more vacations in their short lives than most adults three times their age.

Malia Obama was spotted dining out with a friend in Washington, D.C. recently, and her visit to the Open City Café has raised a few eyebrows. The restaurant is located in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, in between two major hotels. Malia ate inside the establishment with one of her friends.

The President’s daughter ordered a frozen chai and eggs Benedict, which would certainly never make her mother’s short list of appropriately nutritious meals. The drink has little to no nutritional value and eggs Benedict, though delicious, is awfully high in fat content and unnecessary carbs. For shame!

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Malia’s friend was the one who paid for the meal. She reportedly tipped their server $8 on a $45 check. Less than 20 percent, which is the standard.

No photos have surfaced of Malia’s day out on the town with her friend, as usual. It has been rumored, though, that she was wearing her signature, questionably short, cut-offs. Even if photos of the teen’s outing do exist, it’s likely Michelle trounced any hope of the media releasing them.

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H/T: Christian Science Monitor


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