Michelle Obama Takes Shocking Action Against Photographer


August 27, 2014 6:32am PST

I guess Michelle Obama REALLY likes her private workout time! One brave photographer learned this the hard way when he tried to photograph the first lady as she power-walked with friends on Martha’s Vineyard during her vacation last week.

As soon as the member of the press approaches Michelle, a female Secret Service agent approaches the man.

“Come on, really?” the Secret Service Agent says to the cameraman. “Sir, she’s having a private moment right now.”

As the agent tries to block the photographer, Michelle angrily looks at the press and mouths “don’t do that!” before she speeds away.

The photographer’s publication, Vocativ, is now speaking out against the First Lady for her ridiculous behavior in this video.

“It’s hardly controversial to say that the president and his family deserve some privacy—everyone does,” a Vocativ representative commented, according to The Blaze. “But there is, of course, a heated debate around the administration’s relationship with the news media and their tightly scripted control of images, which the New York Times has called ‘Orwellian.’”

What do you think? Does Michelle Obama deserve her privacy, or was this photographer in the right? Let us know in the comments below!


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