Fox News Contributor Confirms Obama Birth Certificate Could Be Fake


August 14, 2014 11:32am PST

Retired U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan has been a long time advocate against President Obama and his policies and has even appeared on Fox News a few times to voice his opinions of such. Most recently, the veteran has spoken out to say that Obama may not be a “legitimate American.”

Although the seasoned terrorism expert left plenty of room for plausible deniability as to his remarks, speaking more in the abstract than definitive fact, he explained that skeptics, “may be absolutely right.” Cowan went on to state that although this issue would have serious implications if irrefutable proof were offered, the problem is we have to look at the issues at hand rather than the things that may never be proven.

“Is he legitimate? We don’t know,” he said. “And we may not know for another 100 years. The problem is we are living in the real world.”+

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He furthermore went on to share that Obama, “was sworn in to be our president; and even if tomorrow someone found a real legitimate birth certificate somewhere else that said he couldn’t be our president, the legal process to push that through and get him out would far exceed the rest of the time he has in office.”

Unfortunately, the conclusion of his notion was as simple as, “we’re stuck with the guy.”

As Obama has seemingly reached the point of no return regarding his presidency, he stated that important thing the American people do is ensure his replacement is a suitable one. Cowan conveyed, “No matter what our complaints are about him, no matter what he does right or wrong – mostly wrong – he is not running for office again. So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.”

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Scaring the wits out of just about everyone attending the conference in which he was addressing, he noted that, “We’re going to be electing someone else next time, and if we’re not careful, it’s going to be Hillary Clinton and we’re going to be right where we are now.”

The fact of the matter is, “Even if there is a Reagan out there,” Cowan added, “the Republican Party is so fractured and so self-serving in so many corners, that they’re going to fight it all the way.”

So, is there a hope for Republicans come 2016? Could Cowan be right – if Americans are too busy looking into Obama’s past despite there being nothing we can do about it at this point, could 2016 sneak up and bite us? Feel free to leave your thoughts on the matter in a comment below.


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