FOX Contributor SLAMS Michelle: She Could “Drop a Few” Pounds


August 12, 2014 12:19pm PST

If by now you haven’t learned to laugh at the Obama’s blatant hypocrisy, you probably never will, but one thing you could do is flat out call them out on it. That’s exactly what Fox contributor, Keith Ablow when the topic of childhood obesity came up when he said Michelle could stand to lose a few.

As we’ve all seen the efforts of Michelle Obama to combat childhood obesity have been every bit effective as her husband has been at running the country. After recently announcing her plans to cram more crap down kids throats all the while withholding them from proper nutritional guidelines, it appears her hypocrisy is just too much to handle.

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On Fox’s Outnumbered, the panel decided to not only talk about how Michelle loves to stuff her face with French fries on a frequent basis, but American psychiatrist Keith Ablow said she herself could “drop a few” pounds. According to Ablow:

And how well could she be eating? She needs to drop a few. Let’s be honest. We’re taking nutrition advice from who?

Of course his response gained quite a few “oohs” and “ahhs” from other members of the panel as it isn’t relatively gentlemanlike to comment on a woman’s weight. You can’t ignore however that Michelle is literally making growing children go without in order to suppress the far fewer that child obesity effects all the while stuffing her own face with whatever she pleases.

What do you guys think of this – was he out of line or was he just saying what everyone else was thinking? Let us know by dropping us a comment below.


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