Tony Stewart Cancels Upcoming Race At Indiana Dirt Track


August 11, 2014 10:19am PST

As controversy continues to wreak havoc on Tony Stewart’s life following him running over a fellow driver, it appears as though the NASCAR driver is shying away from the spotlight. Trying to give the mourning family the respect it deserves, Stewart has come forward to announce that he will not be racing this weekend on an Indiana dirt track as anticipated.

According to reports, before the incident that has lead to so much speculation, Stewart was intent on racing this upcoming weekend at Plymouth Speedway – a dirt track in Indiana. After the killing – intentional or not – of Kevin Ward Jr., Stewart backed out of the Watkins Glen NASCAR race and seems to be doing more of the same.

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A statement recently released by Plymouth Speedway describes:

“We at Plymouth Speedway express our deepest condolences and prayers to the family of Kevin Ward Jr. and thoughts and prayers to Tony Stewart and his family. Tony Stewart will not be racing at Plymouth Speedway this Saturday. More information on the weekend’s race will be announced later this week.”

What do you guys think – is this the right thing to do for the time being?


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