Meet The Woman Who Could Replace Michelle As First Lady


August 8, 2014 1:53pm PST

Katie O’Malley is the First Lady of Maryland, wife of Governor Martin O’Malley. With his recent trips to Iowa and New Hampshire and meetings with top Democratic donors, all signs indicate that Mr. O’Malley will challenge Hillary Clinton for the party’s presidential nomination in 2016. He also told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Monday that he was “seriously considering” running. That means that Katie O’Malley could very well be the next contender for First Lady of the United States.

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Martin O'Malley, Katie



Though she’s from a very political family, Katie has mostly stayed out of politics. That’s not because she’s uninterested, but because she has made her career as a district court judge in Baltimore, which requires her to remain silent on her political leanings in the public eye. However, this didn’t stop her from calling state legislators “cowards” when they backed down from legalizing gay marriage in Maryland. For that remark, Katie was chastised, but she maintains that her position was not a political one because gay marriage is a human rights issue. She told America Tonight:

“I felt like that was a civil rights issue and I think that when it comes to civil rights, I think judges have to stand up for the rights of people. I think that people who love each other ought to be able to marry whom they choose to love and there shouldn’t be any restrictions on that.”

Unfortunately, it looks like this judge is unclear on the definition of marriage and would like to redefine it. For his part, her husband reworked the same-sex marriage bill which state lawmakers had formerly shot down and then signed it into law. Another Democrat who wants to have their way at all costs. It looks like if the O’Malley’s make it to the White House we’ll have another set of progressives on our hands who care more about their personal views that those of the American people.



Katie responded to be muzzled by state ethics laws preventing her from taking a political stand:

“There are times that you get frustrated when you can’t get out there and do what you want to do, or say what you want to say, or respond to some stupid stuff that you read in the newspaper … Stuff that you’re like, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ But you simmer down and let it all take it’s course. And it always does.”

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Katie O'Malley-Baltimore, Md

Katie O'Malley-Baltimore, Md


Katie has taken a stand on the issues of violence against women and bullying, particularly in schools. These are topics with which she has firsthand experience through her position in the court. In recent years, she has traveled to Ukraine, Russia and Brazil speaking with other judges and prosecutors about how to best use protective orders to help people in domestic violence situations. She also noticed an alarming truancy rate among school kids who had been bullied. Those children who had been picked on and relentlessly teased were reluctant to go back to the place where they were constant victims – the schoolyard. To combat this, Katie has started an “Upstander” initiative, which encourages kids to speak out for what is right by reporting cases of bullying that they witness.



Although Katie says she can’t imagine giving up her judicial career, she thinks she’d be able to make the adjustment, should her husband run for President:

“You get to meet people, you get to talk about issues that are affecting people, and it’s sort of what I do every day now. I meet people every day. I’m in a courtroom and it looks like church sometimes. You walk in and it’s just jam-packed with people, so I think it’s a role that would be easy for me to adjust to.”

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Todd Eberly, a political science professor at St. Mary’s College, seems to agree:

“I mean this is Katie Curran O’Malley. She is from a Maryland political family. I don’t think you can grow up in a family like that without learning the tricks of the trade, without learning the ropes and how you work a room or connect with people, or convey a message.”

Eberly also believes that Martin O’Malley would make a good presidential candidate:

“The polls might show that he doesn’t have a bunch of name recognition… [but] he’s a young, dynamic and appealing governor with a pretty good record of accomplishments. And I think that he has a lot of appeal for the folks who vote in Democratic primaries, the more activists, the more liberal members of the party.”


Martin O'Malley, Katie O'Malley

portraits for the ehrlichs being unveiled


Governor Martin O'Malley In Baltimore


What do you think of Katie O’Malley? Though she is a Democrat, she couldn’t possibly be as bad as Michelle Obama. And at least she’d have a few thing to talk about when asked what she has accomplished, unlike Hillary. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section!

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