Spotted: Malia Obama Parties At Drug-Fueled Rager


August 4, 2014 2:02pm PST

Malia Obama continued her summer of fun this weekend as she raged at Lollapalooza in Chicago with her friends.

The teenager failed miserably in her attempts to blend in with the drunken crowd, as she was constantly flanked by the Secret Service. According to TMZ, the older men with big muscles who surrounded her made it clear to all that Malia was indeed the first daughter.

Lollapalooza is a music festival that has become known as an orgy of underage drinking and drug use in recent years. According to Huffington Post, there were at least 10 felony drug arrests at the concert last year. At past Lollapaloozas, there have been as many as 250 ambulance runs a year for drug and alcohol related incidents.

One user of the online site Reddit described his preparation for the Lollapalooza:

“We have the marijuana. We will be drinking (wine mostly). And we have some Molly,” he  wrote. “We did them altogether yesterday and it was a blast, but I want to see if I have a better trip on just two of the three. Have any thoughts/advice?”

Letting your 16 year-old daughter go to Lollapalooza without parental supervision? Another great parenting fail, Michelle and Barack!



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