Obama’s America: Skin Color Now A Requirement For Teachers


July 30, 2014 8:20am PST

The liberal community in Fresno, CA is up in arms over the school board’s decision to hire a white man to teach a cultural studies class at a new middle school. Peter Beck was hired out of the four candidates who applied for the job. He ended up getting it because he was the most qualified, as you would hope would be the case. He has more than a decade of experience teaching high school level cultural studies, but that wasn’t good enough for local pastor and activist Rev. Karen Crozier. She is leading an effort to have Beck replaced with someone of a suitable skin color. Someone black, that is.

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In a blatantly racist statement, Crozier said:

“We’re just saying what the community wants. We didn’t fight for a white male or female teacher to educate our babies. We still are at these racial fault lines, and we want someone who will be able to think critically about those racial fault lines and how do we help heal, to restore the problems that have existed.”

So a white person does not have the ability to “think critically”? Can you imagine if a white individual had made this comment regarding a black individual? There would be an uproar! This woman is perpetuating racism worse than the likes of Al Sharpton (who is probably her idol).

Crozier says she was a real role model back when she was an elementary school teacher, which may very well be the case. But that certainly doesn’t mean that a white teacher wouldn’t also be a good role model. The argument that you must have the same skin color as another person in order for them to look up to you is 100% racist.

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A teacher whom I remember quite well from my school days was Mr. Riley. He taught 7th grade math and he was one of the coolest teachers at school. He was funny, well-spoken, and he never had trouble getting kids to pay attention in class. I really looked up to Mr. Riley, even though he is a black man and I am a white female. Under Crozier’s logic, I should have disregarded the fine example of a person that my math teacher was just because we don’t share the same skin color. I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems absolutely absurd.

So far the Fresno Unified School District has not caved into pressure from Crozier and those who share her racist prerogative. A spokesperson commented:

“We are always looking at the best, most experienced, most qualified who can provide the best education for our young people.”

A trustee for the district echoed this sentiment, saying:

“I do not believe colorism trumps qualifications. I don’t care whether it’s white, whether it’s black, brown or yellow.”

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I can see it now: Affirmative action coming to a middle school near you. The fact of the matter is, your skin color does not determine your grasp on history. A white man can be just as educated on cultural history as a black woman can be. It’s not like African Americans today have experienced slavery firsthand. It’s not as if Latinos today are not allowed into certain restaurants. So these minorities do not have a better idea of what that might be like than a white person does. At this point, the real minority is white men, like Peter Beck.

The fight to make it unlawful for your skin color to determine your lot in life was fought long and hard for years, and Rev. Karen Crozier is dragging her community back several generations by trying to make skin color a determining factor in whether or not an individual gets a job.

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H/T: IJ Review


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