The Photos Obama Tried to Scrub From the Internet


July 29, 2014 12:06pm PST

As we all know, the Obama’s have gone through painstaking means to ensure their daughter’s privacy remains respected at all time – a notion in which Obama has deemed insignificant for everyday Americans. These efforts have, twice now, gone to the extent of the Obamas demanding photographers outright delete the images taken of their daughters.

Isn’t that censoring the press?

According to the first report, the Obama’s discovered that Malia had been hiring restaurants dressed in attire a bit less lady like than they’d hoped in which they contacted the media outfit selling the photos and had then not only taken down, but deleted entirely.

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Apparently this act of unconstitutional behavior has occurred before however as during their last beach visit, the Obama’s had done the same. This time however, a pervy paparazzi had snapped a few photos of the girls in their bathing suits (Malia in her bikini), and the Obamas, like any parent, were none-too-pleased.

Feel free to take a peek at some of the photos that made their way to the internet below:





Sasha, daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, runs on the beach in Estepona during their vacation in southern Spain

Sasha, daughter of U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, walks on the beach in Estepona during their vacation in southern Spain

Sasha Obama, daughter of US President Ba

What do you guys think though – do the Obama’s have the right to ask this of the press or is this just one of the displeasures of stepping into the limelight? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in a comment below.


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