Hot Girl Turns The Tables On Creepy Pervert


July 24, 2014 8:28am PST

A 17 year-old girl is doing a photo shoot in Times Square when she is accosted by a creepy pervert. The man starts filming the girl with his own video camera, focusing on her butt as she bends over.

Finally, bystanders confront the man but he refuses to stop filming. When they tell him she is underage, he says he has every right to film her in a public space. Eventually, a Good Samaritan on a bicycle steps in front of the man’s camera, blocking the girl so she can get her picture taken in peace.

Sadly, the girl and her photographer are forced to leave in order to escape the creepy man.

To be fair, if you’re trying to avoid perverts, doing a photo shoot in the middle of Times Square might not be the best idea…


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