Angel Captured On Film Visiting Dying Girl


July 23, 2014 6:49am PST

A security camera captured a shocking image outside of a dying teenager’s hospital room. Chelsea Banton’s family was saying their final goodbyes to their disabled sister and daughter when they were told by doctors that the 14 year-old was at death’s door.

Just after Chelsea’s life support was removed, camera’s captured a heavenly image in the hospital hallway. The image shows a figure of light standing by the door, and after catching site of it hospital personnel noticed an immediate change in Chelsea.

Even though she was off life support, the disabled teen began to make an unexplained recovery. Though doctors do not believe she is completely cured (the disease she suffers from will eventually prove fatal), they cannot explain how the girl is still here.

Chelsea’s family is incredibly grateful to the angel who let their daughter stay with them just a little bit longer.


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