This Is What Happens When Terrorists Try To Evade Israel’s Technological Weapons


July 18, 2014 6:57am PST

As the battle over territory between Israel and Palestine continues to rage on, one thing has been made clear – one side is sure to win. Hamas terrorists – seeking to destroy Israeli Jews and take over the land amidst their borders – have proven far less technologically advanced than their victims.

Proving just how uncivilized efforts of Hamas are compared to their superior foes, a video was recently released showing just what happens when you come into Israel seeking ill will.

In an utterly devastating video, 13 terrorists managed to tunnel beneath the border to come out somewhere in Israeli territory where they later surfaced. As the terrorists settled in above ground, it wasn’t long before Israel jumped on the opportunity to attack.

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Aftermath of the video was soon released showing footage of the obliterating impact of the bomb used to take out all 13 terrorists as well as the weapons they left behind. Fully demonstrating the attacks they were capable of that surly would have resulted in mass casualties, Israeli forces that soon swooped in found handfuls of RPGs along with other explosive ordinances.

Hamas, although being glorified by some media outlets, are nothing more than terrorists intent on destroying Jews because they’re Jews and taking back the land lost in a centuries old dispute. Launching bombs from behind their own citizens using them as human shields and then whining about innocent civilian deaths when their victim launches a few back, just proves what kind of tactics these terrorists are willing to use.

What do you guys think of the video and pics? Let us know if you think Hamas got what they deserved in the comments below.


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