Former FLOTUS Laura Bush DESTROYS Michelle Obama In Epic Statement


July 18, 2014 6:26am PST

Now, we all know that the Obama’s are about two things – riches and royalty – but when the First Lady and her husband decided to whine and moan about Michelle not making any money in her position, she had another thing coming. As it turns out (and its rather well known) the First Lady has never been paid any money, and boy did former First Lady Laura Bush let Michelle and the whole world know.

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It all started when Obama decided to give a little spiel in Colorado saying:

“I want to make sure that when she’s working she’s getting paid the same as me. I gotta say that First Ladies right now don’t [get paid], even though that’s a tough job!”

We’d say that such a statement is shocking, but we’ve actually come to expect their stuck up and entitled mentalities from the Obama’s over the years. However, having served as the First Lady in previous years, and having done so without even the thought of monetary compensation, the Obama’s arrogance proved even too much for Mrs. Bush’s class.

Take a peek above at Bush’s response and feel free to let us know what you thought of the bombs dropped on Moochelle below.


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