Idiot Prankster With Fake Gun Bumps Into Man With Real Gun


July 17, 2014 4:34pm PST

A truly stupid teenager decides it would be hilarious to walk around a town at night with a Scream mask on and pull a gun on innocent people. The video shows the prankster having a jolly ole time pulling a toy gun on people and watching them run for their lives.

Finally, the young man gets a healthy dose of karma when he pulls his gun on the wrong person. As he approaches his final victim, the target pulls out a gun of his own, which is definitely NOT fake. The prankster immediately drops his facade and begins whining “It’s a prank, it’s a prank!!” as he begs for his life.

The man with the gun eventually flees the scene in disgust, leaving the prankster quivering with fear.


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