House Republicans Tell Obama To Take His Plan & Shove It


July 14, 2014 12:47pm PST

Obama’s idiotic proposed solution for fixing the border crisis is to spend $3.7 billion that we don’t have. And by ‘fixing’ the problem, he means paying for most of the illegals currently in our country to stay here. Republicans are seeing right through Obama’s bogus request for money and have vowed not to give him a “single penny” until the border is secured.

Republicans and Democrats remain divided on the issue of immigration, with Republicans pushing for mass deportations while the Democrats have labeled the problem a “humanitarian crisis” and continue to press for amnesty. The Right remains on the same page on one matter in particular: the border needs to be secured as a first step. Before a massive amount of money is thrown at immigration reform, before deportations are mandated, we need to stop letting illegals into the country. Only then will we begin to get a handle on this ordeal.

As proposed by the Conservative Tribune:

The first thing to do is call up the National Guard to start defending the border, followed by regular US Army assets and an increased Border Patrol force. Militia units are already trying to fill in the gaps, and can continue to do so through the “Minutemen” border watch program.

In the meantime, illegals with criminal records or ties to the cartels or gangs must be deported immediately. Children should be treated humanely, but also deported in an expeditious manner. Once the border has been secured, we can begin discussing work permits or semi-legal status for immigrant workers already in the country, but citizenship should never be offered to anyone that came here illegally.

At least this is a small bit of good news in the developing saga that is the illegal immigration crisis in the United States. The Republicans have essentially told Obama “NO”, they will not fund his costly immigration reform bill.

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