GOP Candidate Says Obama Suffers From Rare Mental Illness


July 11, 2014 1:49pm PST

Texas GOP candidate Larry Smith recently asserted that Obama suffers from Munchausen Syndrome by proxy. Wikipedia defines the rare illness as:

“A behaviour pattern in which a caregiver deliberately exaggerates, fabricates, and/or induces physical, psychological, behavioural, and/or mental health problems in those who are in their care. With deception at its core, this behaviour is an elusive, potentially lethal, and frequently misunderstood form of child abuse or medical neglect that has been difficult to define, detect, and confirm.”

Most cases of Munchausen Syndrome are reported of mothers who abuse their children in order to gain attention, which often results in the child’s death. The mental disease is difficult to diagnose which makes it all the more dangerous.

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Smith’s accusations that Obama suffers from Munchausen Syndrome stem from the way that he has handled illegal immigration. Smith said he, “finds significant indications that President Obama has purposefully placed children into harm’s way for his own benefit. People who intentionally hurt children for attention can be accused of Munchausen syndrome by proxy.” Ok, well that’s one way to look at it.

On July 3, Smith posted to his website:

“Today, we hear of reports that children are being abused, being used by drug cartels, and even dying. If a high school administrator prompted such mass abuse, that person would quickly be without a job and perhaps even found behind bars. The mental stability of the school administrator would be in question. Is a President of the United States who does such horrific acts deserving of less scrutiny and accountability?”

He does have a point, though it’s unlikely that Obama actually suffers from Munchausen Syndrome. I suppose it won’t be long now before Smith gets audited in response to making claims against Almighty Obama.

What do you think of Smith’s accusations? Do you agree with him or has he gone off the deep end? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Free Patriot


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