Thug Bully Left Lying On The Pavement After Instigating Fight


July 7, 2014 8:59am PST

In life, we must be prepared for whatever comes our way even if unforeseeable in the immediate future. One man proved up for the task after being confronted by a seemingly drunk man who instigated a physical confrontation for absolutely no reason.

These instances can come about with no viable reason given and one such occurrence was caught on camera. The video clicks on as a thug is seen violently pushing the cart of a street vendor trying to get to his victim.

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The vendor is seen explicitly trying to avoid confrontation at all costs and even backs away, abandoning his cart, as a last ditch effort. Unfortunately, the bully cuts off the vendor’s escape route and leans in with, what would have been, a brutal right cross.

His victim however was able to step and evade contact, but leaned in with a counter blow of his own that sent the bully hurling toward the pavement. Take a peek at the video above and let us know what you thought of the one punch this bully never saw coming.


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