Judge Jeanine Rips Apart Obama’s ‘Feckless Foreign Policy’


June 23, 2014 6:23am PST

Obama has demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, his utmost incompetence during the past few weeks/months – and most believe years. His most recent decisions however have truly proven just how little Obama either cares about America or doesn’t know how to lead his country and Judge Jeanine recently broadcast a scathing rant about just that.

As it stands, Obama has recently negotiated with terrorists – despite America’s long standing policy against such – and has lied to Americans on countless occasions regarding the degradation of well known Muslim extremist groups. Our Commander-in-Chief has made America look weak and created the opportunity for our once great and powerful nation to become the laughingstock of the world.

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Liberal ideology, combined with Obama’s narcissistic determination to do whatever he pleases despite our nation’s law, has effectively lowered our ranking and made us appear weak in the eyes of others. According to Jeanine, “It’s your feckless, weak foreign policy on the world stage that is creating a danger zone for all Americans.”

Feel free to listen to Judge Jeanine’s spot on analysis of the situation and let us know what you think. Is Obama the root of all the issues mentioned above?


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