Obama Whines: Michelle Doesn’t Get Paid For All Her Hard Work


June 18, 2014 2:55pm PST

Poor Obama. It seems that despite his greatest efforts, he isn’t able to get equal rights for women no matter how hard he fights. Recently sharing his discouragement on the matter, he took to whining how unfair it is that Michelle doesn’t get paid for all the good she’s done in the world.

At a roundtable discussion on manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Obama huffed and puffed as he explained, “I will say, the first lady’s kind of a bad example because the first lady doesn’t get paid. And she works pretty hard.” Fear not though concerned citizens, for he did graciously comfort we worried American’s by saying, “obviously, we’re ok.”

Not so surprisingly Obama then went on to share that he and his wife have always done what they wanted no matter who they’ve dealt with. When she worked at the University of Chicago hospital, her first interview, she actually brought Sasha into the meeting with the CEO. She just wanted to kind of see, all right, how is he going to respond?” he shared. “Sasha was still in the bassinet — you know, the car seat thing.”

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Despite not having the job yet, the First Lady was apparently courageous enough to let her potential employer know, “this is who I am.”

Hammering this point home, he concluded, “I think I can do a really good job. But it means that if I have to take her to a pediatrician I don’t want to have to argue about whether or not I can do that. And if you are supportive of my efforts with my family, then you’re going to get 110 percent out of me. But you’ve got to have some flexibility in terms of time and so forth.”

So what do you guys think – does the First Lady deserve a salary or is the honor of service enough compensation? If you think Michelle does deserve to be paid, do all living former first ladies deserve some form of retroactive pay for their duties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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