Shocking Photos Show Islamic Barbarism On The Rise Across Two Continents


June 16, 2014 7:48am PST

Shocking images coming from across the globe reveal that not only is terrorism alive and well, it’s on the rise as barbaric Islamists slaughter people by the thousands. Over the span of just a few days we’ve seen a wave of violence that’s absolutely horrifying.

Images of Iraqi men being herded like cattle at gunpoint, then beaten and thrown into trucks to be driven to their executions by ISIS militants were released. The men were made to lay down in a ditch and were all shot to death while lying face down. These images came as the Islamist group has seized several cities and promised to take over the nation’s capital of Baghdad, causing the U.S. to partially evacuate its embassy.

In Afghanistan, Taliban militants sliced off the fingers of people as punishment for who voted in the Democratic elections. They also killed 60 people in a series of rocket attacks and bombings.

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Three Israeli teens, one of which is American-born, were kidnapped by Hamas militants and Israel has been on a desperate hunt for them ever since. So far they have arrested at least 150 people in connection with the abduction.

Then in Pakistan, Taliban militants attacked the Karachi airport twice, killing at least 38 people. This caused the Pakistani military to carry out airstrikes against the terrorist group that killed 37.

In a small town in Kenya, al-Qaeda militants attacked two hotels and a police station while people were watching the World Cup. In all, 48 people were killed in the town of Mpeketoni by Somalian terrorists who were believe to be linked to the al-Qaeda-inspired al-Shabab.

Meanwhile, the search for the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria by Boko Harem continues. However Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, said he doesn’t believe they’ll ever be found and it would be a “miracle” if they’re ever seen again.

All of these atrocities have one thing in common, they’re all radical Islamists who seek to instill a caliphate in their native countries and will use any means necessary in order to achieve their goal. Over the past month we’ve seen a wave of barbarism that has been a gruesome reminder that not only is terrorism alive and well, it’s on the rise and growing more brutal with each passing day.

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