Barbaric Muslims Sentence Woman To Hang For Marrying Christian


June 11, 2014 12:21pm PST

Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to death in Sudan after being convicted of apostasy in a strictly Islamic court. She’s married to a U.S. citizen, however Obama and the state department have offered very little help in saving her life.

Ibrahim faces up to 100 lashes as well as being hanged for marrying a Christian. Still recovering, she had to give birth to her child in a prison cell two weeks ago while chained to a bed and has been held captive since last September. Her 20-month-old son, Martin, has also been in custody the entire time.

The 27-year-old doctor was put on death row after being convicted of both adultery and apostasy. Since she was born to a Muslim father, the courts believed she should be a practicing Muslim even though she claims she has been a Christian her entire life.

Her case has drawn international attention and caused the governments of the United States, the Netherlands and Great Britain to condemn the Sudanese acts as ‘barbaric.” This caused the Sudanese government to backtrack and say they will release Ibrahim, however out of nowhere they did a 180 and said they’re awaiting the outcome of her appeal.

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Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel, is a biochemist and naturalized U.S. Citizen who lives in New Hampshire. He claims that he had tried to meet with the American Embassy several times but that they denied him because they were “too busy.”

Once the embassy staff agreed to meet with Daniel, they demanded that he submit a paternity test in order for them to give him assistance. Daniel said that he’s already provided them with a marriage certificate as well as his American passport but they’re still demanding more.

Their children could become naturalized citizens because their father is an America. However the process is lengthy and requires too much paperwork to be effective before Ibrahim’s sentence is carried out.

So far the most that has come out of the Obama administration as far as support for Ibrahim is condemnation of the Sudanese government, but Obama himself has yet to mention the case.

Two Republican Senators have demanded the State Department do more to help Ibrahim.


Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire has spoken directly with the State Department’s Special Envoy for Sudan, and Trent Franks from Arizona brought the issue up during a Homeland Security Department Oversight Committee.

Aside from the Senators, not much else has come out of Washington to help the Christian who faces almost certain death at the hands of barbarians. Whether it’s because she’s a Christian in a Muslim nation or because it’s not a trendy enough topic we’ll never know, however for our government to stand by and do nothing to help an American citizen is sickening at best.

The video above is of a lashing that took place in 2010 and was leaked onto the internet. This is the fate that awaits Ibrahim prior to being hanged if nothing is done.

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