21 Redneck Wedding Photos That Will Make You Say WTF?!


June 11, 2014 8:58am PST

Redneck ingenuity can extend beyond vehicles, tree stands, and ATVs. Below is what happens when Rednecks decide to throw a wedding, enjoy!

redneck-weddings-1 redneck-weddings-2 redneck-weddings-4 redneck-weddings-6 redneck-weddings-7 redneck-weddings-8 redneck-weddings-13 redneck-weddings-14 redneck-weddings-15 redneck-weddings-17 redneck-weddings-18 redneck-weddings-19 redneck-weddings-20 redneck-weddings-21 redneck-weddings-22 redneck-weddings-23 redneck-weddings-25 redneck-weddings-26 redneck-weddings-27 redneck-weddings-31 redneck-weddings-34


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