Michelle Obama Eyeing A Senate Seat In The Future?


June 5, 2014 12:53pm PST

Michelle Obama has definitely made her desire to enact change in America well known through her various forms of activism. Well what better name recognition would someone have for future political office than to have been the First Lady, as Hillary Clinton has proven?

A recent article from WesternJournalism outlines just what Michelle may have in store for her future, and the author is pretty much spot on. The author used a recent report from Reuters to make his case, saying that what Michelle is doing has many parallels to what Hillary did throughout her political career and we just may see her trying to launch her own once her husband leaves office.

“Her unparalleled – and incredibly unpopular – mission to turn schools into her own nutritional laboratories is widely seen as evidence that she is more interested in furthering her own agenda than looking out for the welfare of the next generation.”

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The author believes that if she runs it will be in her home state of Illinois against Republican Mark Kirk to unseat him since she has the best chance there. She’s also much more popular than her husband and is in a good position to follow Clinton’s lead in making the change from First Lady to Senator.

She also recently made a Freudian slip when speaking about Obama taking office in 2008 during a fundraiser, which strongly indicates her desire to advance her political career.

She said to the audience that many “were there when Barack and I took office – or I took office alongside – or he took office and I was there,” even though she didn’t appear on the ballots.

Additionally, “Her active fundraising schedule, he wrote, would give her a valuable leg up in securing donations for a potential Senate run. Furthermore, he explained she has regularly visited Illinois during her time in D.C., explaining the Obamas maintain a home in Chicago despite the fact that they are virtually never there.”

All of this seems to point in the direction that Michelle may be planning to plague the nation with yet another uber-liberal Senator, especially when you consider that her home state is notoriously left-leaning and would be the perfect place for her to launch into the national political fray.

Would you like to see Michelle as a Senator?

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