Man Mercilessly Beats Girlfriend


June 4, 2014 1:41pm PST

There’s a lot of men out there who feel that it’s perfectly alright to abuse a woman, regardless of the situation. This video captures that abuse in graphic detail as it shows a man mercilessly beating his girlfriend while she’s only trying stop herself from being hit.

It’s unknown where this takes place, however as the man shooting the video is approaching the scene people can be heard in the background encouraging the disturbing act. When he finally makes it to the area where the incident occurs, a man is seen taking full swings at his white girlfriend and savagely beating on her.

The woman tries to cover herself up to avoid being hit but it’s to no avail, her boyfriend continues with the punishing blows to her head and body. She finally falls to the ground from the beating and the man almost immediately starts to stomp her on the head while she lies there.

The punishment finally ends when the man shooting the video runs the attacker off.

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