Buffalo And Lion Square Off In Grueling 6-Hour Battle


June 3, 2014 12:44pm PST

Although it may be painstaking for some to watch, there may perhaps be nothing more majestic and natural than a fight to the death in the wild. Showing just how hard that result is to come by however, a couple lions and a buffalo recently squared off for a 6 hour battle before parting ways.

The more heated parts of battle were caught on tape starting with one lioness being tossed into the air by the massive buffalo. The carnivores however got the upper hand after a while and were able to bring the beast to the ground.

Lioness Sent Spinning During Buffalo Attack

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Lioness Sent Spinning During Buffalo Attack

After a whopping 6 hours of wrestling, and unsuccessful attempts to end the buffalo’s life, the prey was able to make its way to its feet and limp off. Although it survived the grueling attack, those who bore witness to the incident aren’t sure if it will survive the injuries it sustained.

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