Ghetto Chick Gets What’s Coming To Her For Bullying Girl About Her Shoes


May 30, 2014 2:58pm PST

It’s always warming to the heart to see a bully get what they have coming to them, especially when it’s their victims that are dishing it.

In this video, a ghetto “ratchet” girl is bullying another girl because she doesn’t have new shoes and her hair is unkempt. Well it doesn’t take too long, and the girl being bullied decided that she had enough from her unsuspecting aggressor then unloads on her.

The girl being bullied more than holds her own while teaching the other girl quite the lesson, and the bully ends up laying on the ground in a puddle of water wondering what just happened while her victim is calmly escorted away.

That’s poetic justice if you’ve ever seen it. Looks like those new shoes didn’t do her much good, did they?

Bully Gets Knocked Out With One Swift Kick To The Head


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